Easter In House Show

March 9, 2016 at 5:08 pm

The Easter In House Show to be held on the 1st April is open to all LBE clients. A great opportunity for everyone to show off their improved skills and have lots of fun!! With prizes and rosettes to be won.

Entries close a week before the show.

If you wish to compete please ask Annie, Sally or Georgie for an entry form.

Event schedule below :rosette

In House show : Friday 1st April 2016

To start at 10am

To be held in the indoor school.

Class 1 – Tack and turnout.

Class 2 – Best rider under 10 years old.

Class 3 – Best rider over 10 years old.

Class 4 – Best child handler under 10 years old.

Class 5 – Best child handler over 10 years old .

Class 6 – Most handsomest gelding and prettiest mare.

Class 7 – Fancy dress. Theme princesses and pirates.

Class 8 – Walk and trot dressage test

Class 9 – Prelium dressage test .

To be held in the outdoor school.

Clear round jumping running from 10-11am

Following class to start at 11am.

Class 10 – x pole jumping can be assisted or led.

Class 11- Mini jumping max height of fences 50cm

Class 12 – Novice jumping max height of fences 70cm

Class 13 – Intermediate jumping max height of fences 80cm.

Please note:

  • All classes have a £10entry fee.

  • Children are only allowed to enter 2 classes each.

  • Children will have to ride suitable ponies (this will need to be discussed with Sally/Annie or Georgie)

  • If your child wishes to compete in the show the entry form has to be completed and paid for 2 weeks prior to the show.

  • No one other than staff and children competing are allowed on the yard.

  • Parents are allowed to spectate from the gallery areas and are responsible for other children. We ask for no flash photography.

  • If your child wishes to compete in classes 8 or 9 please ask Sally/Annie or Georgie for the relevant tests for them to learn.